Drawing Lessons #11 Single-panel cartoon – Honeydew

Lately, the cucumbers and green beans in my vegetable garden have been suffering from aphid infestation. They're everywhere! So yesterday evening I was searching for ways to control them. After a few minutes I got sidetracked and instead found myself watching videos on ants, aphids, and honeydew. Aphids secrete a substance called honeydew after feeding… Continue reading Drawing Lessons #11 Single-panel cartoon – Honeydew

Monstera and bagworm – Casefile #1 (Gardening)

I started taking care of a monstera recently. I wanted an indoor plant and it needed a cozy space to recuperate, so it was a perfect arrangement for both of us. Although its leaves had wilted due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, the stem is green and healthy. So it is just a matter… Continue reading Monstera and bagworm – Casefile #1 (Gardening)