A pale tussock moth in Kathmandu (Observation Note)

Day 1 - June 29 | First sighting of the tussock caterpillar It all started a couple of weeks ago. I saw a funny caterpillar in my garden. Caterpillars are usually boring, munching on leaves and flowers, and eating and eating and pooping and eating and eating. This particular one was running around like crazy,… Continue reading A pale tussock moth in Kathmandu (Observation Note)

Monstera and bagworm – Casefile #1 (Gardening)

I started taking care of a monstera recently. I wanted an indoor plant and it needed a cozy space to recuperate, so it was a perfect arrangement for both of us. Although its leaves had wilted due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, the stem is green and healthy. So it is just a matter… Continue reading Monstera and bagworm – Casefile #1 (Gardening)