A bread is born! (Recipe)

When we bought a toaster-oven in mid-2019, I had high hopes. There were endless possibilities, and I dreamt of baking and cooking dishes from all around the world. Now, after a year and a half, it has only been pizza, rotisserie chicken, and plain bread. But let's not get distracted. Yesterday while making bread, I… Continue reading A bread is born! (Recipe)

Live and Lettuce Leaf (Gardening)

So almost one and a half months ago, on January 11, we prepared a planting bed at a corner of our rooftop using old bricks and a long sheet of plastic that had been lying around for years. We filled the bed with soil and fertilizer, some water, and after mixing it well, we let… Continue reading Live and Lettuce Leaf (Gardening)

Drawing Lessons #5 Comic Prototype: The Explorer

Comic Prototype - Ekadesh Comic Series?? maybe... I started this drawing to make an animation loop of a character riding her motorbike with the scenery passing by (which I still plan on doing). Afterward, I added a description box and a speech balloon, and it came out a lot better than I expected. When I… Continue reading Drawing Lessons #5 Comic Prototype: The Explorer