Moths and Butterflies

Linked list of Moths and Butterflies in alphabetical order.

Danaus chrysippus – Plain Tiger

Larva – late stage
Larva – preparing to form chrysalis
Pupa – formation of chrysalis
Adult butterfly

Time: July 2021 and December 2020 | Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Note I: The first three images were each captured a day apart of the same larva, which became a chrysalis in the end during a rainy day – July 2021. The photo of the adult butterfly is from the previous year – December 2020.

Note II: An African queen in Nepal – Short observation note about an adult plain tiger butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.

Papilio polytes – Common Mormon

Larva – late stage
Pupa – formation of chrysalis
Adult male butterfly

Time: September 2020 | Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Note: Observation Note [My observation of developmental stages of Papilio polytes.]

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Delias eucharis – Common Jezebel on a cucumber flower