Today morning

I woke up at 5.30 from a strange dream. In my dream I was enrolled in drawing lessons and had to complete an assignment of making three sketches of different dance postures and a footprint. The last thing I did in my dream right before waking up was tracing the outline of my feet while stepping on a paper…trying to make the deadline.

As I opened my eyes and the mosquito net came into view, I was relieved that the dream was over. While it was no nightmare, reliving the feeling of desperately completing assignments last minute was unpleasant. Maybe the lingering anxiety from the dream made me want to step away from bed despite it being way earlier than my usual waking hour. I went to make coffee downstairs in the kitchen – a ritual I started a week ago. When I started, I was hoping coffee would give me extra energy and make me more productive. But it seems I am immune. I’m continuing just for the taste.

Carrying my cup of coffee I went to the rooftop. I stared at the road for a while, then I stared at the plants. I listened to music while sipping the coffee slowly, savoring the taste. I found my favorite spot to sit – the top of the metal stairs that leads to another part of the rooftop. From here I can see lots of vegetables planted in white styrofoam boxes (yes, the ones they bring fish in). I stared at them. “I am a creature that has to eat plants to live,” I thought. I freaked out a bit.


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