A sleepy room

Got back home yesterday from the Shey Phoksundo Trek on a night bus from Nepalgunj to Kathmandu. And the trip came to an end, just like that.

It was a good trip. I wouldn’t want anything changed. Not even that worst jeep ride, which in retrospect, was risky but hilarious at the same time. It felt like everyone caught some of each other’s wavelength and understood a bit more about one another by the end. And a bit more is enough. The human heart is a complex thing.

I don’t plan to start writing about the trek tonight. Maybe someday, when I’m in the mood. Maybe never, but not tonight. Tonight I feel happy in my room. I can hear the thunder outside through my headphones (listening to Phosphenes – I got flowers). There are a lot of photos and videos from the trip. I have to start better managing photos of the past and present before it gets too overwhelming. Or maybe it’s already way past that point. What’s the point past overwhelming?

Yesterday morning when I arrived home, I felt strangely energetic. I thought the extra night stay at Nepalgunj had helped replenish my energy. But by late afternoon, halfway through doing my laundry, sorting my backpack, and copying photos, I fell into a deep sleep.

Waking up in my bed felt familiar and strange. The trip feels like a dream. Like someone fell asleep, and someone else woke up. Does that make sense? It’s not supposed to.

And now back at my desk – hitting the keys of my keyboard and listening to the flow of many songs, it feels good to be back. Feels like I never left, which is strange. Strange how our mind works. But I have some new memories there. And they are good memories.

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