Huddled up

March 29, 7 AM

It is finally Monday, the day of departure for the Shey Phoksundo trek. I’m looking forward to it – the idea of traveling. But that’s not what this is about. Since I won’t have access to my computer for almost two weeks, I felt like writing something before hitting the road. Having the luxury to sip tea and be cozy in my chair, listen to music while staying warm in my room, and writing my thoughts – I didn’t give it much thought before. I feel I will miss this.

I had a good sleep and woke up feeling fresh. Kathmandu is still heavily polluted, and the weather has gone cold. I think the smog has altered the micro-climate of the region. It is starting to feel like winter.

Instead of my usual tea, I picked a cup of hot water. I’m probably going to drink a lot of hot water during the next few hours as I don’t want to catch a cold before leaving for the trip. The bus is supposed to leave at 3 pm and drop us at our first destination at 8 pm tomorrow. That’s a really long bus ride! I don’t mind walking for days but sitting in one spot…ugh. I hope I can catch some sleep tonight during the bus ride (I don’t have high hopes).

…so I was getting hot water, and outside the windows were our residential pigeons. The cold made me think of what mom had said yesterday. She had seen part of their nest from her window and saw two baby pigeons huddled together in a tiny-tiny space. The cold weather made me think of them. The baby pigeons must be huddled up and staying warm. It is kind of sweet. Animals by instinct huddle up to stay warm. A gesture that says, “It’s so cold, help us survive and stay warm. You will feel warm too. It’s a win-win!” Made me imagine other baby animals piled up on top of each other huddled up for warmth, breathing gently. Braving the coldness of Earth.

The thought made me warm. Or maybe it was the hot water.


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