March 19

11 PM

I got distracted and am stopping here. I need to make a post about tofu and fruit flies. Maybe tomorrow…

10 PM

I had a passion for reading stories, and I wanted to write one someday. ‘Ekadesh’ is a working title for a story I was thinking about writing. An adventure into another world or a world of the far future. My website logo with the silhouette of the girl and cat on the boat is based on the main characters of the story. I have no idea if I will ever write it.

11 AM, 7 PM, and 10 PM

I was thinking about the reason why I restarted writing a blog after so long. About what I hoped would happen if I started writing things I felt …if I left my words out there in the universe. Did it have a purpose? or Did it have to have one? Would it matter if my words find other people? Maybe …maybe not.

Growing up, I had been bad at expressing myself. How I felt about things happening around me, to others and myself. Maybe it’s the same for a lot of people. Sometimes I think a lot about the smallest things. When I write things down, it is no longer a passing thought. They manifest into my reality – becoming something tangible. Like maybe a picture of waves in a sea. How else do you differentiate it from your dreams and imaginations? Spoken words can heal or hurt. Either way, it will bring change. Thoughts have to be translated into actions to make them real. If not, they will be overwritten and perhaps forgotten. Having good intentions will not make the world a better place. Sometimes you need to hold on to these thoughts. Keep them safe and not always trust your memories. Memories are often fragile. You remember things the way you see them – often centered around you. It becomes your truth.


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