The advent of spring


You can feel the change in the air. The world is waking up from the long winter slumber. The mornings are not as cold, and you don’t feel bad about leaving your bed and stepping out to take in the fresh air. It feels like the world is moving again, and life is changing once more. Spring has always been a symbol of hope back to the dawn of humanity, marking the end of the struggles of a long winter. A proof of perseverance, a celebration.

I love checking the new sprouts and young leaves on the plants in my garden. It is blissful to see them grow a little bit more every day.


So a week has passed by since I wrote this, and I can’t seem to feel that spring welcoming vibe as much. Well, not that I don’t appreciate it, of course. But my mind seems to have forgotten the cold winter days and has got used to the warmer spring days. The past week, I was busy commuting around the city amidst the crowd and busy traffic under the hot sun. On one occasion, I went hiking with friends on an uphill trail. So my mind has rebooted from the winter setting and adjusted itself to hating the sun again (a little bit). And as the days pass by, the flies and mosquitoes have added themselves to the list of warm weather annoyances (they are not here in full force but they will be eventually). But still, spring is really amazing. It is not (yet) summer after all.

I am glad I don’t have to wear all that layers of clothes and bulky jackets all the time. Jackets feel cool and all, but you start to miss the freedom of movement. And I don’t feel like crawling back into bed all the time anymore. And that means more freedom of being productive. But note that spring offers more possibilities, but it won’t do things for you. It is entirely up to us what we do or don’t (before summer arrives with all that heat. Sigh).


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